Mexico Cafe on the West Side

Pulling into the Mars Drive-in for a Lime Rickey. Ordering up a burger from the car hop at the A&W on Blackstone. Checking out the action at Bob's Big Boy. Your favorite grilled cheese sandwich at the Woolworths Counter. Don't forget loading up at Perry Boys Smorgy. What eats do you miss?

Mexico Cafe on the West Side

Postby ROSEMARIE » Thu Jan 25, 2018 3:41 pm

The Mexico Café own and operated by Alicia Hindman? The best food, the most beautiful and huge Mexican art pictures on the walls I had ever seen. My mom use to help out to waitress and my dad use to help out as a cook.
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Re: Mexico Cafe on the West Side

Postby Lost Fresno » Fri Jan 26, 2018 8:17 am

I never made it to the Mexico Cafe, maybe it was just to far away from the Cedar and Shields area where I lived. Also, I don't remember hearing anything about it but then my focus on Mexican food was limited to Taco Bell. I did find this old ad in the Bee from when the owners remodeled the restaurant. They were certainly in business for a very long time in Fresno.
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Re: Mexico Cafe on the West Side

Postby PatriceNcx » Tue Apr 10, 2018 2:29 am

Does anyone remember La Casits on Ashlan and Fresno St? Larry made the best green salsa I ever had. I'm allergic to Avacados but his Guacamole was so good i just had to eat it. We were good friends with the owner Larry so when they shut the doors without saying anything we were shocked. Someone told me they kept getting robbed. It was in a dark corner.

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