Restaurants We Grew Up With That Still Exist

Pulling into the Mars Drive-in for a Lime Rickey. Ordering up a burger from the car hop at the A&W on Blackstone. Checking out the action at Bob's Big Boy. Your favorite grilled cheese sandwich at the Woolworths Counter. Don't forget loading up at Perry Boys Smorgy. What eats do you miss?
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Restaurants We Grew Up With That Still Exist

Post by MJB » Wed Nov 28, 2018 8:22 am

I've thought of a few restaurants I remember from childhood that are still in operation either in the same location or elsewhere. Can anyone add to this list?

The Golden Chinese Restaurant
Santa Fe Basque (new location)
Tokyo Gardens
The Lime Lite
Sam's Deli
MOM's Burgers
Me n' Ed's -- Tower District location
Chicken Pie Shop
Pedmonte's Deli
The Old Spaghetti Factory (new location)

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