Dean and Don KKDJ

You just got home from school and it’s Channel 30 Fun Time! Or maybe Nancy Allen's Movie Matinee on Channel 24. Don’t forget the BOSS 30's #1 KYNO. If you were sophisticated, you only listened to KFIG on some new airwave called FM. We honor the late great Al Radka here at Lost Fresno whose motto was Lettuce Eat it!
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Dean and Don KKDJ

Post by TmBarrett59 » Fri Aug 20, 2010 11:20 pm

Ah KKDJ, Dean and Don & The Breakfast Club. Somewhere I have the infamous Blue Album they made. As well as Bobby Volare's Album. Always wanted to try one of Aunt Penny's Omlet on a Stick LOL

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Re: Dean and Don KKDJ

Post by fresno103 » Sat Aug 21, 2010 6:46 am

This is what Wikipedia has to say about our old friend from the Dean and Don Breakfast Club:

In the late 1970s, 105.9 was an album rocker known as "106 KKDJ", the KKDJ callsign having been previously used in Los Angeles. KKDJ was the premiere rock station in Fresno throughout the 1980s, largely due to the popularity of its morning show, the Dean and Don Breakfast Club. Dean was also known as Bobby Volare and Don as "Donnie Rotten." Bobby and his pompadour did great imitations of Elvis Presley and recorded great ballads such as Fresno Side of the Street and Girl from Woodward Park. The Breakfast Club had a cult-like following in Fresno during the late 1970s and early 1980s. It also brought great 1980s concert acts such as The Knack, Huey Lewis and the News, the Motels, the Baby's and many others to the Star Palace and Warner's Theatre.

In 1980, Dean and Don recruited the KKDJ Cheerleaders. They were composed of eight girls and one man. The applicants had to submit a written essay of why they wanted to become a KKDJ Cheerleader. The hip and sexy 1980s cheer team was recruited to promote concerts and other events hosted by the popular Breakfast Club. And over at, there is a great write-up about Bobby. Here are some excerpts:

Bobby Volare. Who the hell is Bobby Volare? This was a question posed by a recent poster to our web board here at Swing Music Net. Before all of our intensely researched biographies here on the site lose any semblance of the credibility accorded them by numerous scholars and students let’s clear the air here; Volare, while not a world-renowned figure in most jazz, pop, or lounge singer circles, is one of the most humorous song parodists anywhere. With his satirical and twisted sense of humor, Volare was doing Volare song parodies long before the general public knew Weird Al Yankovic as Weird Al. However, his act goes well beyond where others stop. Writing and singing humorous song parodies and relying on his wry, twisted humor is only the beginning; add a titanic ego, an inability to hear what anyone is saying to him (or about him,) just enough truth to appeal to your intellectual side, and then you get a better idea of why his act and comedy still has relevancy in these days of karaoke on Wednesdays at the local pub.

Fortunately Bobby Volare's alter ego, Dean Opperman, has forever had the savvy to not take the whole thing too seriously himself. So much so, that up until late 2004, the twisted humor and song parodies of his character, Bobby Volare have been as locked away in a closet as Benny Goodman’s 1938 Carnegie Hall performances were initially reported to have been. Dr. Demento was, and is, the Peter Piper of twisted humor and discoverer of comedy parodists like Weird Al Yankovic (often mispelled Yankovick.) Even without the knowledge of Volare's hilarious ego, Demento selected Lock The Snackbah as #3 on his Funny Five in April of 1983. Dr. Demento had been playing Volare's comedy parody of the song, originally recorded by The Clash, since January of the year. It came to rest in Demento's Funny 25 for the year 1983.


Dean and Don KKDJ

Post by Rustypelican » Wed Mar 18, 2015 12:31 pm

Dean and Don were great. Not only did they come up with some hilarious characters and bits, but they rocked.
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Dean and Don Breakfast Club

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