KMAKe Kabaret

You just got home from school and it’s Channel 30 Fun Time! Or maybe Nancy Allen's Movie Matinee on Channel 24. Don’t forget the BOSS 30's #1 KYNO. If you were sophisticated, you only listened to KFIG on some new airwave called FM. We honor the late great Al Radka here at Lost Fresno whose motto was Lettuce Eat it!
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KMAKe Kabaret

Postby radionut » Sat Jan 31, 2015 3:29 pm

Does anyone remember the M-F afternoon teen dance show on channel 47? Circa: '63 Each day of the week was hosted by a different one of the KMAKe jocks. I'll never forget Bob Morgan doing the most bazaar live commercial I've ever seen on TV. He squirted the entire contents of a tube of acne cream at the lens of the camera while staring dead-on, not-a-blink into the camera like a madman. All of those KMAKe jocks went on to LA and San Francisco big time stardom. Would love to see old video tape of those "Bob Morgan" shows.

John Moore
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Re: KMAKe Kabaret

Postby John Moore » Thu Apr 23, 2015 11:21 am

As I recall KMAKe went on the air to challenge KYNO for it's #1 ranking of Top 40 radio in the 60's. The owners of the station brought in on-the-air talent from out of the area and did all kinds of stunts and gimmicks to draw people. One of the DJ's spent a week on a platform on top of a flagpole somewhere on Blackstone. I can't remember the names of the DJ's, but one of them had a red beard and refered to it as the "Gallopin' Red Runcible Cheek Runge". They were still at it when I left Fresno for the Bay Area.

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