Al Radka on the cover of TV Magazine (1977)

You just got home from school and it’s Channel 30 Fun Time! Or maybe Nancy Allen's Movie Matinee on Channel 24. Don’t forget the BOSS 30's #1 KYNO. If you were sophisticated, you only listened to KFIG on some new airwave called FM. We honor the late great Al Radka here at Lost Fresno whose motto was Lettuce Eat it!
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Al Radka on the cover of TV Magazine (1977)

Post by Lost Fresno » Sat Aug 09, 2014 8:58 am

The early years of my youth are filled with memories of Channel 30 Fun Time and the 3 Stooges with Al Radka. I can think of no better moniker than "Mr. Fresno" when referring to Al. The gentleman who drew the caricature of Al was named Huffman and he did a pretty good job of capturing his likeness, feel free to enlarge the photo!

I moved from the town I grew up in around 1972 and missed the years when Al hosted his 3 hour auctions for the Fresno Philharmonic Orchestra. I have no doubt that it was quite a "fun time" to watch Al Radka in his full glory of continuous adlibs. I'm sure readers of this forum remember these auctions as they happened for a number of years in a row.

I was delighted when I saw this flimsy TV Magazine insert on eBay and I purchased it for this web site. eBay seems to be my main go to for historical photos and magazines to post here at Lost Fresno. My purchase was almost ridiculous for this yellowing 28 page insert that would of certainly ended up in the fireplace for kindling or simply thrown into the trash. The amount I paid was equal to 5 years of home delivery for the Fresno Bee and if you had asked me if I would ever pay such an amount back in 1977 for a newspaper insert, I would of certainly told you that you were crazy. But then that was before so much was lost - to Fresno.

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Re: Al Radka on the cover of TV Magazine (1977)

Post by Big J » Thu Aug 14, 2014 4:28 pm

Fantastic...thanks for sharing it!

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