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Eric Mitchell - Photography teacher at Fresno High

Posted: Thu May 24, 2018 9:19 am
by Lost Fresno
Mr. Mitchell taught his entire career at Fresno High School and retired in 1974. Although I went to McLane, I had heard of a wonderful photography class at Fresno High from a friend, So I made a special effort to sign-up for summer school there and I was not disappointed.

Not only was the class fantastic and boosted my photography hobby but I got to know Eric. He taught photography and music as well. I eventually joined the Fresno Camera Club where he served on its board for many years. He was a collector of antique glass and he loved buttermilk. I have included a page from the Fresno High yearbook when they dedicated a page to him. Mr. Mitchell passed on December 7, 1988. If anybody has fond memories of Eric Mitchell, please share them here.

Re: Eric Mitchell - Photography teacher at Fresno High

Posted: Thu Apr 25, 2019 1:52 pm
by Lost Fresno
More on Eric Mitchell. Although he served as the President of the Fresno Camera Club on and off, it was the monthly contests that he won time and time again. His secrete weapon, a laundry clothes pin which he would gather loose material on the portraits sitters back, so that the the front hung better. A good trick to use even today if you are shooting portraits.

Re: Eric Mitchell - Photography teacher at Fresno High

Posted: Thu Jul 30, 2020 1:34 pm
by Richard Frey
I entered Fresno Hi in 1958 and Eric Mitchell was my photo instructor. He must have liked my work as after my first year he got me on the Owlet newspaper as the photographer. I had free access to the photo lab and got to use the school's 4 x 5 Graphflex camera any time I wanted to. During two of the summers that I was at FHS, he took some of his photo students on photo trips. One year we drove to Bryce Canyon and on the way back home got to go down into Hoover Dam as part of a tour. Eric Mitchell earned his Ed D from Stanford in teaching mathematics. He and his wife would would have parties for his photo students at their home on east Olive Ave. While I never heard him play a musical instrument, he was formally trained as an orchestra leader. He was an officer during WWII and two days after the first A bomb in Japan, while stationed in Hawaii, he got a great color picture of unique clouds in the western sky. At his funeral, it was great to see some of his former students.