Neon Signs of 1966 - A Short Art Film

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Neon Signs of 1966 - A Short Art Film

Post by Lost Fresno » Tue Apr 10, 2018 2:03 pm

When I was 15 years old, I began work on a career to eventually become a Hollywood Film Director. I produced short movies and shot a lot of movie film. This was back when making movies was more like magic or for the rich, instead of pressing a button on your smart phone. Fate had something different in mind for me and it didn't work out, but the old film stock remains. In this short art film, we take a night time tour of some of Fresno's most famous neon signs. The year is 1966.

The film is triple exposed to produce an artistic effect. Although somewhat irrating to watch now, you can still see neon signs now long gone. The art effect makes you read them upside down, sideways and so on. But still fun as heck to see these signs. Which ones can you spot that are not listed below?

Bank of America
Urich's Gas Station (32 cents)
Crest Theater Marque
O' Sio Mio Restaurant
Fresno Bible House
Burt's Shoes
Arthur's Toy Store
Ben Hur Gas Station
Foster Old Fashioned Freeze
The Matador Lounge
U Save Liquor Store
Christenson's Food Market
Richfield Gas Station
Cedar Lanes Bowl
Crane's Jewelers
Guarantee savings Time Sign
Regal Gas Station
Ashlan Park Sign
Security First National Bank
Burger Chef Hamburgers on Cedar
Winchell's Donut House
... and many others!

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