"Lost Fresno" My Top 10 List

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Re: "Lost Fresno" My Top 10 List

Post by LisaMarquise » Tue Feb 12, 2013 3:55 pm

PS; Some high schools we (Sierra HS) played against (and traveled to, sometimes for over an hour by school bus) were:

1. Tranquility
2. Chowchilla
3. Coalinga
4. Dinuba
5. Selma (I remember their colors were orange and black)
6. San Joaquin Memorial


Re: "Lost Fresno" My Top 10 List

Post by FresnoFrank » Sun Feb 17, 2013 4:19 pm

I grew up in Fresno and still have family there. I moved to Baltimore and visited recently. Very saddened to see so much missing.

Gottschalks: They had the best toys and the one in Fulton Mall was next to a small water feature that had a fig tree. I remember picking the figs.
The Pop Shop - So many bottles! We had cases of them. Woolworths - the most amazing lunch counter. Mayfair Market - was the market closest to the house and consequently the one we visited the most. Next to Drug Faire where the made 25 ice cream scoops. Fresno Giants - My first baseball game. Cheap polish dogs, Dad and I hanging out Coney Island - Best dogs ever! Arthur's Toys - The Daily Planet - First up scale bar in the tower. Klein's Truck Stop - I had a date there that was amazing! Sugar Pine Ice Cream.

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Re: "Lost Fresno" My Top 10 List

Post by oldschool » Sun Mar 10, 2013 9:42 pm

1. Webster Webfoot
2. Nancy Allen's Movie Matinee
3. The Bulldog Doughnut Shop, across from Ratcliff Stadium
4. The Fresno Memorial Auditorium
5. P.J. Eads commercials
6. Maruko Cyclery, Cycle 70, Rawling's Motor Maniacs, Bud and Poncho's Cycle Servie, Monte's Custom Motorcycles
7. Reed and Bell Root Beer, Mars' Drive in, Mello Ice Cream, Sno White Drive In
8. Cruising on Highway 99 from Herndon to Visalia
9. Learning Pinstriping tips from Neil Averill. Checking out Autorama. Seeing the best paint jobs and pin striping on cars by Neil Averill, Dale Lysdahl, Soggy, Bob Kovacs, Audrey Rawlings, Wayne Barrett, John Brown, Harry Malicoat, and Claudia Weaver. I know I missed a few here?
10. Radio Stations, Kmak, Kyno, KKDJ, Keap, Karm, XERB the Wolfman when I could get it. Oh yeah, music stores too. Bob Wilsons Sound Stage, M V Music, Starr House of Music, Hockett Cowan Music, Sherman Clay, Guitar Shack, Gospel Music and Supply, and Johnny Salantino Music.

Yes I added much more. The new stuff is not like growing up in Fresno. I would trade all the fast paced, high stressed lifestyle to have the above again.



Re: "Lost Fresno" My Top 10 List

Post by jrinnyc » Fri Jun 07, 2013 10:52 am

We left Fresno in '67 so this comes from the deep recesses:

1. Harpains Dairy
2. Lesterburgers
3. YMCA Camp in the Sierras
4. The go-car track in the Triple A Shopping Center on Ashland
5. Speedy Delivery (McD) on Blackstone (was back in 2010 and saw the old facade...
6. The opening of the Downtown Mall and Selland Arena (two different things, but they tried to save downtown)
7. Seeing the Osmonds at the county fair and the fireworks accident at the horse track
8. Sears Toy Store at Christmastime - Manchester Mall
9. Giant slide on Blackstone
10. Anything at Roeding Park

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Re: "Lost Fresno" My Top 10 List

Post by krazgeo » Sun Aug 04, 2013 5:41 pm

Another one was Dos Palos. We did pretty good in football, as I remember. I was in the band, which did good in Long Beach every Thanksgiving, at the All Western Band Review. In 1965, after I graduated, the band went to DC to the Johnson inaugural parade.

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Re: "Lost Fresno" My Top 10 List

Post by oldschool » Wed Aug 28, 2013 3:26 am

I just remembered a few more to list:

1. Sno White Drive In
2. Di Ciccios'
3. Zefreds, the best Hoagie Sandwiches around Blackstone and Dakota
4. Coney Island Hot Dogs on Fresno St.
5. S and H Green Stamp stores
6. Fresno Dragways in Raison City
7. Green's Cyclery
8. Broadway Cyclery on Fulton
9. Roos Atkins
10. Mendes' Wetern Wear (Olive and Highway 99)
11. Western Boot and Shoe
12. The Eye of the Forest billboard on Highway 41 going in to Coarsgold
13. Going to the Caruthers Fair


Re: "Lost Fresno" My Top 10 List

Post by kernyen » Thu Oct 31, 2013 5:59 pm

I remember:

1. Rhodes Department Store
2. Perry's Smorgy
3. White Front store
4. The pool / golf course on Tulare Street which was torn down and replaced by apartments
5. Alpha-Beta supermarket on Belmont and Peach
6. Rexall Pharmacy
7. Gardner Volkswagen on Ashland
8. Dairy Belle in Sunnyside
9. London Fish & Chips in Sunnyside
10. Country Boy Market on Chestnut and Olive
11. Kinney Shoes (I think on Belmont - maybe Olive)
12. Millers Outpost clothing store
13. Red Pantry on Olive Avenue
14. Christmas Tree Lane


Re: "Lost Fresno" My Top 10 List

Post by DMBfan » Thu Oct 31, 2013 11:14 pm

1. Sunnyside Drive-In
2. Love's Restaurant on Blackstone (THE go-to restaurant for couples in love!)
3. Roeding Park
4. Woodward Park
5. Farmer's Market (and Rossi's Italian Restaurant) on Divisadero
6. Farrell's Ice Cream in Fig Garden
7. Christmas Tree Lane on Van Ness
8. Big Fresno Fair
9. Motel Drive (sleaziest destination)
10. Nicolas on Maroa (So sad when it closed down!)

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Re: "Lost Fresno" My Top 10 List

Post by jjbullard72 » Mon Dec 30, 2013 2:12 pm

Here are some of mine (60's and early 70s), and sharing some that have been previously mentioned:

1. Pit Stop for slot car racing
2. Rudy's Variety store for comics and record albums
3. Roeding Park for the concerts and outdoors
4. Selland Arena for their concerts (saw Loggins & Messina, Doobie Bros, Yes)
5. Radcliffe Stadium for their concerts (War) and the West Coast Relays
6. Rhodes, Gottschalks, Walter Smith's and Roos Atkins downtown department stores
7. Christmas Tree Lane on Van Ness
8. Cruising Blackstone, Shaw Ave
9. Cedar Lanes bowling
10. The fig orchards beyond Bullard High (get lost, get high)
11. Farrells Ice Cream Parlor in Fig Garden Village (ever had the Zoo?)
12. Al Radka with PRODUCERS, Webster Webfoot, on TV
13. Sherman William's Music Store, and there was another big one also. Anyone remember the name?

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Re: "Lost Fresno" My Top 10 List

Post by jjbullard72 » Mon Dec 30, 2013 2:36 pm

One more: the Starlite drive-In. We used to sneak in sometimes. Lay out on the hoods and windshield to watch movies. Get really stoned. I even ended up working there for a while. I remember the huge bags of pre-popped popcorn we got from somwhere and dispensing them into popcorn cartons!

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