"Lost Fresno" My Top 10 List

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Re: "Lost Fresno" My Top 10 List - Add Your Memory

Postby nancyn » Mon Jul 18, 2011 3:02 pm

Moonglow Drive-In
Catching polliwogs
White Front,where I first saw shoes tied together with string!
Ben Franklin 5 and 10
Wonderland pool in the summer
Kmart Opening Day and the carnival in the parking lot
Webster Webfoot and Jimmy Weldon on tv
The Mickey Mouse Club
Spin and Marty
Producer's milk--Hoppy's Favorite
Wearing sunsuits every day in the summer
Roller Skating, with my skate key on a white shoe lace around my neck
Popsicle "sicle" circles and scrounging for them to send in for "prizes."
Morris E. Daley's Summer enrichment classes (and their pool!) and making macaroni necklaces for the first time.
Scrounging for discarded soda bottles at new house construction sites and returning them to the store for their cash redemption value; going to Disneyland with the profits.
Pinedale ice skating rink
The at-home landing strips and hangars for private planes along Herndon Ave.
Taking Blackstone, 41, up to Yosemite.
The days before freeways in Fresno.
Learning to drive in the winter fog.
Driver's training simulator trailer at high school.
Summer of '68, as a high school student doing volunteer work at Kearny Mansion, the beginning work on refurbishing it for public showing. Found an attic full of very vintage clothing in trunks, barrels full of old wine, turned to vinegar, and rooms full of glass photograph negatives. Amazing memories!
McDonald's prices--menu like In 'n' Out--simple!
Summer school at Baird Elementary, where summer school was pure enrichment, like acting and learning square roots.
P. J. Eads car commercials--"...Davy, where' you goin'? "
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Re: "Lost Fresno" My Top 10 List - Add Your Memory

Postby brookieJ » Wed Aug 03, 2011 2:18 pm

1. Farrells Ice Cream Parlor
2. Annie Laurie's in Manchester Center
3. Running up and down the spiral staircase at Rodder's Desert Doll
4. Sambo's
5. The Big Yellow House on Shaw
6. The Hokey Pokey at Roller Town
7. Going to Airways in my Op swimsuit and Dove shorts (even though I had a pool at home)
8. The Pop Shop on Blackstone
9. The Refectory
10. The Olde Spaghetti Factory when it was downtown
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Re: "Lost Fresno" My Top 10 List - Add Your Memory

Postby Senior57 » Wed Oct 05, 2011 10:56 am

1. Pinedale in the mid and late 1940s was in ways more like a pioneer settlement. Some of the housing was spartan, at best. My stepfather built with his own hands a garage, and partitioned it into two rooms, one for sleeping and one for living. We had an outdoor toilet and even an outdoor shower stall. Other home in the area were more elaborate, I guess, but I don't remember much about them. There was also an outdoor theater, completely open air, with a fence around the perimeter so you couldn't see the movie without paying. As I recall, the audience sat on long wooden benches.
There was also a swimming pool, so heavily chlorinated that my sister's blonde hair started turning green during the summer months. Inner tubes from surplus war equipment provided floats for the pool. The city of Fresno was straight down Blackstone Avenue, I think, and seemed a long way off to us kids.

2. Yosemite Junior High School, 1951-54. A current photo of the school on Google Maps shows the building layout is just about the same as I remember almost sixty years ago. The pictures that come to mind are of the way the students dressed back in those days. Most of the kids wore neat, clean clothes. The girls were in long skirts and nice tops, while the boys were also neatly attired. One of them even adopted a dapper cane for a few days. To show how things never really change, some of the boys wore their pants really low. Mr. Rush, the woodshop teacher, had one of them smartmouth him in class one day. He simply walked over to him and said something like "Wearing those pants kind of low aren't you?" and jerked them down to the kid's ankles. He was humiliated, and I don't think he was a problem (at least in woodshop) from then on. Today, that probably would have brought on a storm of protest against the teacher. Another fad that went on for awhile was the wearing of mismatched bright colored socks. You wore, for example, on green and one red sock. I think that when couple were going steady, the girl would sometimes wear her boyfriend's jacket to show the world that they were an item. We had talent shows now and then, and I remember a particularly beautiful girl named Cecelia who danced, always being very careful to hold her skirt close to her legs as she whirled about onstage. We were all very excited about moving up to Roosevelt High, and probably didn't appreciate enough what we had all achieved at Yosemite, and the fine staff that helped us do it. I'll have to continue this later....
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Re: "Lost Fresno" My Top 10 List - Add Your Memory

Postby Lost Fresno » Wed Oct 05, 2011 11:09 am

Dear senior57. What a wonderful memory you posted. We all appreciate your effort in sharing. You made me smile sir.

Teddy Wilhelm
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Lost Fresno
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Re: "Lost Fresno" My Top 10 List - Add Your Memory

Postby Senior57 » Wed Oct 05, 2011 2:32 pm

Teddy - Thanks for your reply. I left Fresno shortly after graduating from RHS, and have had occasions now and then to regret it. I didn't realize then how lucky I was to grow up in such a town and in such times. Memories of those days are fading fast, so I'm really happy to have found your site. Reading the posts of others helps me to recall my own life and times in and around Fresno, and that brings a smile to this old guy.

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Flippo Jr

Postby parsoje » Wed Oct 05, 2011 4:39 pm

In 1960 or 1961 a groop of kids from Coalinga CA, appeared on the Flippo Jr show doing gymnastics. I was among those children and have been searching all over for some pictures of the show or the archived video. Thanks Jim Parsons
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Re: "Lost Fresno" My Top 10 List - Add Your Memory

Postby Senior57 » Fri Oct 07, 2011 8:01 am

Continuing from an earlier post. ....

3. Stan's Private Line was on the air relatively late each evening (Maybe someone else can recall the hours and the days of the broadcasts). This was back in the late 1940s. I was still in grammar school, but even at that young age, loved to listen to the show. My parents worked nights, so my sister and I could stay up as late as we wanted, and almost always tuned in the show. I think that the way it worked was this: You could go to Stan's Drive In and along with your cokes, fries, and hamburgers, request that a song be dedicated to your Someone Special on the radio program, Stan's Private Line, naturally sponsored by Stan's Drive In. Even after all these years, the sign-on song lyrics float into mind. They went pretty much like this:

Let's eat, I'm hungry. Now please don't think I'm rude.
You're sweet and lovely, but I'm in the mood for food.
Your kiss is thrilling, but please don't think it's crude,
But it's not filling, when I'm in the mood for food.

You've made me know what bliss is, so don't think I'm a dummy,
But I can't go for kisses - on an empty tummy!

Let's eat, I'm starvin'! Our love can be renewed.
Right now, my Darlin', I'm in the mood for food!

I'm sure someone out there can correct me on the wording, but I think the above is fairly close. I believe the program always signed off with the Pied Pipers' version of "Dream," without a doubt the best possible tune with which to end each evening's show.

At any rate, the program was great, and some of the dedications were really heartfelt while others were meant to be jokes, etc. It would be hard to imagine anything like it today, which is kind of sad. I think Stan's, without realizing it at the time, did a lot to provide a super hangout for kids and the program did much to encourage a the close-knit town that Fresno seemed to be in those happy times following the war.

More later...
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Re: "Lost Fresno" My Top 10 List - Add Your Memory

Postby Senior57 » Fri Oct 07, 2011 8:58 am

Just happened to recall that you could also phone in your song dedications on, what else, "Stan's Private (Phone) Line."
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Re: "Lost Fresno" My Top 10 List - Add Your Memory

Postby Markinthe808 » Sat Oct 08, 2011 3:03 am

Seeing Elvis at the Selland Arena on April 26, 1973, then getting to miss school to see him off at the Fresno Air Terminal the very next day!!

Re: "Lost Fresno" My Top 10 List - Add Your Memory

Postby cleozmom » Sun Nov 06, 2011 11:59 am

[*]Potter's Drugstore (Mayfair)
[*]Carousel Roller Rink
[*]Belmont Dairy (going to the drive up and getting chocolate milk)
[*]Thrifty's Diner at their Blackstone & Ashlan location)
[*]Outpost Steakhouse
[*]Fresno Hobby Shop (my brothers used to race cars on their inside track)
[*]Me-n-Ed's (it's still there, but I'm not)
[*]Perry Boys (Manchester)
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Re: "Lost Fresno" My Top 10 List - Add Your Memory

Postby Patti » Fri Nov 11, 2011 11:15 am

1. Bob's Big Boy drive-in, using their special seasoning salt in the ketchup on my fries. And cherry cokes and vanilla cream cokes!
2. Hearing the track meets, concerts (Rolling Stones!), and ball games drifting over the air to my house at Thesta and Peralta.
3. "Cruising the main" down Belmont over and over and over (back when gas was so cheap!)
4. Weekend Mag Dances at the Rainbow Ballroom, the Roadrunners playing. Also when the Stone Ponies and even Santana played there.
5. Parking and necking at Friant Dam. Wasn't supposed to drive up there but always did.
6. Driving around in my '67 Mustang thinking I was so cool.
7. High school football games, especially Fresno High v. Roosevelt. (Go Bulldogs!)
8. Driving around in fog so thick I put someone on the hood of my car to yell directions.
9. Cal Worthington and his Dog Spot.
10. Going to the movies at the Tower Theater.

Re: "Lost Fresno" My Top 10 List - Add Your Memory

Postby Todd Osterberg » Tue Nov 29, 2011 10:51 pm

David wrote:Carnation Restaurants
When Fresno State actually had a good basketball team with Boyd Grant and Tark (Thank God Steve Cleveland is gone)

I played baseball with Boyd's son in the Fig Garden Spartan League. His name was Kevin. Great memories of the three years our team was together.

It was _GREAT_ having Boyd at a game. He was well known in the community and once the Ump's knew he was around... pretty sure more calls went our way.

Todd Osterberg

Re: "Lost Fresno" My Top 10 List

Postby Adrian » Fri Jan 06, 2012 2:54 pm

Anyone on this thread remember Ray Snow and his Hornet Machine Shop on Ventura Boulevard? He was involved with the midget racers at Kearney Bowl and also made the Hornet model gas engines that were used in model race cars.

Re: "Lost Fresno" My Top 10 List

Postby Class O' 1980 » Fri Jan 13, 2012 10:51 pm

Things I miss since moving away:
1. Bulldog Donuts
2. DeCicco 's Pizza
3. Arthur's Toys
4. Kinney's Shoes
5. Ivy Jr. High Teachers-Go Jets!
6. Mello Ice Cream
7. Happy Steak
8. Lester Burger
9. Day-trips Yosemite, Sequoia,Kings Canyon, and Shaver Lake
10. Star Market in West Fresno

I wish my teachers Mr. Atchley, Miss Ganoe, Mrs. Collins, Ms. Brown, Miss Lundgren, and Miss Stafford all a long and prosperous life. I wish I could have gone back to say hello and catch up on old times, but circumstances prevented me from coming back to Fresno for a visit. Thank you for all you did for me as a student and fellow human being. God bless you all.
Class O' 1980

Re: "Lost Fresno" My Top 10 List

Postby Bonner Boy » Wed Feb 15, 2012 6:41 pm

Can anyone help me out. My Grandparents ran a place called "The Park" Drive-In Restaurant.
I am from the east so I do not know my way around California. It was somewhere between
Tulare and Visalia. I see on the Map it is near Fresno, but I can't tell how close.

I would love to find out anything I can. The names of my Grandparents were John and Mary Student and they
ran the place in the mid 40's.

Please respond to jstudent@bonnerhigh.com
Bonner Boy

Re: "Lost Fresno" My Top 10 List

Postby sjvalleydave » Sun Mar 11, 2012 10:55 pm

Before I list my Top 10..LOL I do remember Colonial green and Carousel Skating rink as we lived at Maple & Shields, but I also remember another minature golf course right next to the Belmont Circle and another off of Belmont or Olive near Broadway ish.....Also the only market that I remember with a canal in back was the Country Boy at Fresno and McKinley, where it was on the small narrow corner in front of where the McKinley canal turned to the south...

1. The Fresno Airport when you could sit at McKinley and Clovis and watch the planes take off and land, but more important the 1/4 midget track where the ANG has buildings today. when the annexed the land the 1/4 midget racing club was told they would be given property across the airport off Dakota near where the old batting cages were...Never happened...typical Fresno politics..LOL
2. Clovis Speedway on the Rodeo grounds in downtown Clovis. I remember parking along Clovis Ave and walking across the railroad tracks (they were still there LOL) to get to the ticket booth. The back straight wooden wall is still there, right next to Clark Intermediate school's fence...People could walk from the track and go to the old Clovis bars..Frontier, Jim's Place, etc.
3. The Raisin City/Fresno Dragstrip on Manning ave near Raisin City. Blackie Gejian (sp) used to have some big time race's out there. The old drag strip is still there. it is being used as a crop dusting landing strip.
4. Hank Swank's driving range on the corner of Maple and Shield's. He had a small par 3 course that stretched down to Sierra Vista. He later moved to Chestnut and Shields then to Olive and Fowler. Apartment houses are at the Maple and Shield's location.
5. A Storyland in Roeding Park where there were cool things to do, like climb up the Beanstalk and ride the whirly wheels without the threat of a lawsuit if someone got hurt.
6. growing up in a Fresno where we could ride our mini bikes in empty fields without raising a red alert with the Fresno PD. I remember we would push them down maple to the property that are the ponds and push them to the airport and ride up and down the old ammo bunkers that were along Clinton, about where the SSA building is now.
7. Taking our cars in the early 70's and street racing at American Safety off Peach and McKinley or on Willow, north of Herndon, waaay out in the country then..LOL Also fruit and Church and Jensen Ave near the Sewage plant..seemed so innocent then. No drugs, no guns, etc.
8. Rudy's Variety store in Mayfair Center where my grandma worked. Right next door to the dry cleaners and a couple of business's away from Mayfair Market. Also on the property was Mayfair Drive In with $.10 burgers.
9.The old Clawson Honda on Blackstone, just south of Shaw. It was known as Clawson's Boat Works, then they added Honda motorcycles. It dealt more in boats than bikes, then they moved and got the Honda cars. Back then we had Clawson Honda, Maruko's Cyclery (Honda), and the Honda shop in Clovis.
10. The old trolley car sheds near Tulare and First Street and the old tracks that were still in the roads in some places by there...Had some old fruit packing sheds there also.

Honorable mention...How when we got any kind of heavy rain Clinton Ave would be closed, under water near Millbrook and they had the pumps there pumping water into the ditch...LOL
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Re: "Lost Fresno" My Top 10 List

Postby Fogeezer » Sun Apr 01, 2012 10:45 pm

The donut shop on Olive across from Tower Theater was the original location of Flautz Donuts, which subsequently moved to the corner of Clinton & Blackstone (near Sparky Electronics). Only donut shop I ever saw that would close up for two weeks a year (vacation), and the first day following would find a mob of people waiting in line for them to reopen.

Unfortunately, no one in their family wanted to continue in the business, and rather than sell it (which they could have gotten a very good price for if they had wanted), possibly to see a new owner let their name and reputation decline, decided to just sell off all the equipment and fixtures, and then close the doors forever - A Sad Day in Fresno's History!
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Re: "Lost Fresno" My Top 10 List

Postby Guest » Fri Apr 20, 2012 9:52 pm

The Buffalo Butcher--B Z B Market

Re: "Lost Fresno" My Top 10 List

Postby pAAtty » Sat May 26, 2012 8:44 pm

so many memories sitting on our cement porch on summer days cause it was too hot inside!

Chicken pie shop downtown...and actually going shopping downtown with my parents all dressed up,
way before it became Fulton Mall.

Roosevelt High school - awww - that graduation and students coming out the ivy covered "windows"
Royal Drive in = complete with bell hops...i wish we had those kind of drive-ins now
the drug store across from Roosevelt High School and what was that dress shop across the street
going to Blakelys to swim (or at the very least) look for cute boys
going water skiing after church at Pine Flat Dam or Millerton..we could be there in 45 minutes?
good good memories of growing up in fresno...but when i return, NOTHING is the same...oh well
Yosemite Jr. High sock hops

Fresno City College - hanging with friends (instead of going to class)
Foster Freeze real banana shakes (i still have to have one when i go there)
Me-in-Eds pizza near McKinley and Olive...we would take a couple of bucks and coupons and pizza for Nan,Carolyn & me
last but not least, DiCiccos, still my favorite italian sauce and food...a must when i hit Fresno...

Re: "Lost Fresno" My Top 10 List

Postby MichaelMichael » Sat May 26, 2012 11:39 pm

Patty... All of this brings back sooo many memories...and a little bit of heartbreak (lol). Was the "Dress Shop" across from RHS "Ollenbergers"? And even though I moved away from Fresno in 1979, you know that we must always hit the original DiCicco's on Divisadero and Abby? when we return!!

Re: "Lost Fresno" My Top 12 List

Postby Ancient Roughrider » Wed Sep 05, 2012 2:29 pm

Harry Coffee's men's store on Fulton.
Nurmi's bakery on Belmont.
Morains ice house. Milk, ice cream, ice and fur cold storage on Belmont.
Austin's IGA market on Belmont.
Beacon gas station, 9th and Belmont.
Leonardo's market on Belmont.
Hendrick's swimming pool aka North Maple Plunge.
Chester Rowell gramar school.
Army/Navy surplus on Millbrook.
Sherman-Clay music store.
Stan's Drive-In on Fulton.
Roosevelt High in the fifties.

More later.
Ancient Roughrider

Re: "Lost Fresno" My Top 10 List

Postby Rich from Redinger Lake » Thu Oct 04, 2012 12:48 pm

The Leilani and Luau Restaurants
The Broken Bit Restaurant
Tasty Delight on Blackstone
Yosemite Nursery
Rhodes Department Store on the Fulton Mall
Hairpain's Dairy
Laucks Bakery in the Tower District
Rich from Redinger Lake

Re: "Lost Fresno" My Top 10 List

Postby C2H5OH » Mon Oct 29, 2012 3:00 pm

I'm pretty sure all of the below were at Cedar & Shaw during the late 1960s:

1. Penny Candy (NW corner)
2. Perry Boys Smorgasbord (NW corner)
3. Colonial Greens Minature Golf & Golf Driving range (SW corner)
4. Mini Motors raceway (SW corner)
5. Orange Julius (SW corner)
6. Lesterburger (SE corner)
7. Cutler TV (SE corner)
8. Shell Gas Station (NW corner)
9. Chevron gas station? (SE corner?)
10. Gas station? (SW corner)

Re: "Lost Fresno" My Top 10 List

Postby flwbdw » Mon Jan 07, 2013 11:07 am

Elwin Cross playing country music on KYNO until 6:00 am.
Having a KYNOROO card.
Fred Horns wood chips at Olive anda Maple, Olive anda Maple.
Tuesday is Red's Tamale day.
Flowers Dairy, cash & carry. (Grew up a block from them).
KMAKe dance party at channel 47's studio.
KMAKers dozen.
Seeing Marty Robins at The Big Fresno Barn.
Drag Races at Raisin City.
The old witch at the end of Van Ness extension.
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Re: "Lost Fresno" My Top 10 List

Postby flwbdw » Mon Jan 07, 2013 8:49 pm

Juvenile Hall on the corner of Huntington and Cedar.
Driving north on Chestnut St. till it ended at the irrigation ditch.
Turkey shoots on McKinley Ave. near the Fresno Junior Museum.
Jerry Turner's auto wreckers at Chestnut and 99.
Romo and 3 Boys auto wrecking.
The Outpost Restaurant owned by Dan, Betty?, Dana, John and Steve.
Lighting Records on the west side, later on Ventura.
The irrigation display at the Fresno Fair
Telco which had a slot car drag strip.
And the best drive in theater in Fresno, the Moonglow. It was flat so you didn't have worry about tearing the pan out of your lowered car.
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Re: "Lost Fresno" My Top 10 List

Postby sjvalleydave » Fri Feb 01, 2013 1:51 pm

Colonial Greens Minature golf was at Maple/Shields. They did have a driving range on the SW corner of Shaw and Cedar. After that was gone I worked at a Christmas Tree lot there one season, right where Marie Callenders is...LOL
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Re: "Lost Fresno" My Top 10 List

Postby VintageBry » Mon Feb 11, 2013 10:44 am

I was born in 1979 therefore my "lost Fresno" memories are a bit more recent than others. But here it goes.

1. Arthur's Toys !
2. Cafe Intermezzo
3. The Daily Grind, a coffeehouse that was near Fresno State
4. The Daily Planet, plush decor....And I bought my first legal drink there when I turned 21
5. Halloween in the Tower...When they used to close Olive Avenue
6. The candy counter at Sears in Manchester Mall
7. Christiansen's Market
8. Tribes, a decor and home accessory store that was in the Tower
9. The Sunnyside Drive in
10. Gottschalk's

Re: "Lost Fresno" My Top 10 List

Postby MCKENZIEBOY » Mon Feb 11, 2013 12:02 pm

southeast Fresno memories...
how about....the crazyass janitor at St.Helens catholic church/school who had the tracheotomy vocal 'buzzer' voice ...chased me and the gang off the grounds many times....had a nose for 'non-catholics'...
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Re: "Lost Fresno" My Top 10 List

Postby LisaMarquise » Tue Feb 12, 2013 4:12 pm

Berkely's Department Store on Fulton Mall....the most beautiful store in Fresno. My gramma was the accessories buyer. Later she was at Rodder's in Fashion Fair. When I was a teenager we moved to the mountains just below Shaver Lake (China Peak skiing!), and made trips into 'town' for school clothes at Fashion Fair (Lerner's, Miller's Outpost, Foxmoor's if I was really lucky, Gottschalks, Weinstock's), ski clothes at Hubner's Sports, groceries at Hanoian's Market, and stocked up on wine and soda at Dominick's on Blackstone (!). My favorite thing was to go to Penny Candy for fun and visit my mom's friend owner Carol Gostanian. My brothers and I would get blacklight posters, candy, and fun junk like fake barf and rubber chickens. I got a psychedelic fringed paper lamp for my room there. We would stop and eat at the Hofbrau on Shaw, the Tea Garden, Carnations, or for a real treat Leilani's for Polynesian Chinese food. I loved Leilani's. My parents went to the Refectory for fancy dinners. When I was a baby my mom got a picture of me on a calendar from Producer's Dairy. They did it as a promotion in the late 50's (anyone else have one?) "PRO-DUC-ERS spells Producer's. When you want quality, you'll say yes to Producer's!" I watched Al Radka's Fun Time ('It's fun time, it's fun time, it's Channel 30 fun time!"), Webster Webfoot and the local Mickey Mouse Club show. My brother and I got to be on the show for his birthday one year. I remember summers so hot that my crayons melted into a big soup after I left them out just for a few hours. We played outdoors with the neighbor kids after dinner until it got dark because it was 105 to 110 degrees during the day. As a little girl from 1958 through the 60's I loved the Christmas Lights drive along Van Ness, and Roeding Park and the rides. I had my 6th birthday at Storybook Land (Jack & the Beanstalk slide, the little Church, Three Little Pigs Houses) and went on the helicopters and carousel that had the clown faces on top. We'd go on the paddle boats, ride the train around the little lake and get pink popcorn, then go look at the real old locomotive. Sometimes we went to the Chaffee Zoo. I thought it was the most beautiful greenest park ever (and still do) with it's winding roads and huge oak and eucalyptus shade trees. I wanted to get married under the column lined vine walkway there, or at Kearney Mansion. We lived on Flordora Street, and I went to Ewing Grade School (later at Pine Ridge school). Mom shopped at Country Boy Market and Long's. If we went downtown we'd drive by the 'new' courthouse, the old Water Tower and every time we'd see the tall Guarantee Savings building my mom would tell us that she worked there as a legal secretary when she went to Fresno State. When I was in HS (Sierra High in Auberry) I cruised Belmont with friends, saw 'Tommy' at the Tower Theater and Supertramp at Selland Arena. We had our Christmas Formal at the Rainbow Ballroom. Mom took us to Duncan Ceramics and the Fresno Art Center and Museum often. Once I had a jewelry booth there for an art fair. In the summer she let me take the Greyhound bus from downtown near the old Basque restaurant (yum) to go see my best friend in Ventura (Gasp! The days of not worrying about your kids being out and about so much. We'd go to the beach and Disneyland. I thought she had it made, but she always told me she missed the mountains and Fresno. I've lived in southern California since college and know what she means. Memories....
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Re: "Lost Fresno" My Top 10 List

Postby LisaMarquise » Tue Feb 12, 2013 4:49 pm

I mean Carol Gustonian.
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Re: "Lost Fresno" My Top 10 List

Postby LisaMarquise » Tue Feb 12, 2013 4:55 pm

PS- Some high schools we (Sierra HS) played against (and traveled to, sometimes for over an hour by school bus) were:

Selma (I remember their colors were orange and black)
San Joaquin Memorial
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Re: "Lost Fresno" My Top 10 List

Postby FresnoFrank » Sun Feb 17, 2013 5:19 pm

I grew up in Fresno and still have family there. I moved to Baltimore and visited recently. Very saddened to see so much missing.

Gottschalks - They had the best toys and the one in Fulton Mall was next to a small water feature that had a fig tree. I remember picking the figs.
The Pop Shop - So many bottles! We had cases of them.
Woolworths - the most amazing lunch counter.
Mayfair Market - was the market closest to the house and consequently the one we visited the most. Next to Drug Faire where the made 25 ice cream scoops.
Fresno Giants - My first baseball game. Cheap polish dogs, Dad and I hanging out
Coney Island - Best dogs ever!!!
Arthur's Toys -
The Daily Planet - First up scale bar in the tower.
Klein's Truck Stop - I had a date there that was amazing!
Sugar Pine Ice Cream

Re: "Lost Fresno" My Top 10 List

Postby oldschool » Sun Mar 10, 2013 9:42 pm

1. Webster Webfoot
2. Nancy Allen's Movie Matinee
3. The Bulldog Doughnut Shop, across from Ratcliff Stadium
4. The Fresno Memorial Auditorium
5. P.J. Eads commercials
6. Maruko Cyclery, Cycle 70, Rawling's Motor Maniacs, Bud and Poncho's Cycle Servie, Monte's Custom Motorcycles
7. Reed and Bell Root Beer, Mars' Drive in, Mello Ice Cream, Sno White Drive In
8. Cruising on Highway 99 from Herndon to Visalia
9. Learning Pinstriping tips from Neil Averill. Checking out Autorama. Seeing the best paint jobs and pin striping on cars
by Neil Averill, Dale Lysdahl, Soggy, Bob Kovacs, Audrey Rawlings, Wayne Barrett, John Brown, Harry Malicoat, and Claudia Weaver. I know I missed a few here?????
10. Radio Stations, Kmak, Kyno, KKDJ, Keap, Karm, XERB the Wolfman when I could get it. Oh yeah, music stores too.
Bob Wilsons Sound Stage, M V Music, Starr House of Music, Hockett Cowan Music, Sherman Clay, Guitar Shack, Gospel Music and Supply, and Johnny Salantino Music.

Yes I added much more. The new stuff is not like growing up in Fresno. I would trade all the fast paced, high stressed lifestyle to have the above again.

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Re: "Lost Fresno" My Top 10 List

Postby jrinnyc » Fri Jun 07, 2013 10:52 am

We left Fresno in '67 so this comes from the deep recesses:

Harpains Dairy
YMCA Camp in the Sierras
The go-car track in the Triple A Shopping Center on Ashland
Speedy Delivery (McD) on Blackstone (was back in 2010 and saw the old facade...
The opening of the Downtown Mall and Selland Arena (two different things...but they tried to save downtown)
Seeing the Osmonds at the county fair and the fireworks accident at the horse track
Sears Toy Store at Christmastime - Manchester Mall
Giant slide on Blackstone
Anything at Roeding Park

Re: "Lost Fresno" My Top 10 List

Postby speedking48 » Tue Jun 11, 2013 7:38 pm

I went to this concert. Check out the ticket price

Re: "Lost Fresno" My Top 10 List

Postby krazgeo » Sun Aug 04, 2013 5:41 pm

Another one was Dos Palos. We did pretty good in football, as I remember. I was in the band, which did good in Long Beach every Thanksgiving, at the All Western Band Review. In 1965, after I graduated, the band went to DC to the Johnson inaugural parade.
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Re: "Lost Fresno" My Top 10 List

Postby oldschool » Wed Aug 28, 2013 3:26 am

I just remembered a few more to list

Sno White Drive In
Di Ciccios'
Zefreds, the best Hoagie Sandwiches around Blactstone and Dakota
Coney Island Hot Dogs on Fresno St.
S and H Green Stamp stores
Fresno Dragways in Raison City
Green's Cyclery
Broadway Cyclery on Fulton
Roos Atkins
Mendes' Wetern Wear Olive and Hiway 99
Western Boot and Shoe
The Eye of the Forest billboard on Hiway 41 going in to Coarsgold
Going to the Caruthers Fair

Thats it for now............
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Re: "Lost Fresno" My Top 10 List

Postby kernyen » Thu Oct 31, 2013 5:59 pm

I remember...

Rhodes Department Store
Perry's Smorgy
White Front store
The pool / golf course on Tulare Street which was torn down and replaced by apartments
Alpha-Beta supermarket on Belmont and Peach
Rexall Pharmacy
Gardner Volkswagen on Ashland
Dairy Belle in Sunnyside
London Fish & Chips in Sunnyside
Country Boy Market on Chestnut and Olive
Kinney Shoes (I think on Belmont - maybe Olive)
Millers Outpost clothing store
Red Pantry on Olive Avenue
Christmas Tree Lane

Re: "Lost Fresno" My Top 10 List

Postby DMBfan » Thu Oct 31, 2013 11:14 pm

1. Sunnyside Drive-In
2. Love's Restaurant on Blackstone (THE go-to restaurant for couples in love!)
3. Roeding Park
4. Woodward Park
5. Farmer's Market (and Rossi's Italian Restaurant) on Divisadero
6. Farrell's Ice Cream in Fig Garden
7. Christmas Tree Lane on Van Ness
8. Big Fresno Fair
9. Motel Drive (sleaziest destination :) )
10. Nicolas on Maroa (SO sad when it closed down!!)

Re: "Lost Fresno" My Top 10 List

Postby jjbullard72 » Mon Dec 30, 2013 3:12 pm

Here are some of mine(60's and early 70s), and sharing some that have been previously mentioned:
Pit Stop for slot car racing
Rudy's Variety store for comics and record albums
Roeding Park for the concerts and outdoors
Selland Arena for their concerts (saw Loggins & Messina, Doobie Bros, Yes)
Radcliffe Stadium for their concerts (War) and the West Coast Relays
Rhodes, Gottschalks, Walter Smith's and Roos Atkins downtown department stores
Christmas Tree Lane on Van Ness
cruising Blackstone, Shaw Ave
Cedar Lanes bowling
The fig orchards beyond Bullard High (get lost, get high)
Farrells Ice Cream Parlor in Fig Garden Village (ever had the Zoo?)
Al Radka with PRODUCERS, Webster Webfoot, on TV http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4EO2IyD-vAM

Whats the name of the downtime nightclub that Cold Blood used to play at? Bloodworth played there also.

Sherman William's Music Store, And there was another big one also. Anyone remember the name?
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Re: "Lost Fresno" My Top 10 List

Postby jjbullard72 » Mon Dec 30, 2013 3:36 pm

One more: the Starlite drive-In. We used to sneak in sometimes. Lay out on the hoods and windshield to watch movies. Get really stoned. I even ended up working there for a while. I remember the huge bags of pre-popped popcorn we got from somwhere and dispensing them into popcorn cartons!
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Re: "Lost Fresno" My Top 10 List

Postby Moonlight51 » Sat Feb 08, 2014 10:38 pm

Got the lyrics a bit wrong there. "Its fun time, its fun time, its channel 30 fun time. We're happy to see you, we hope you're feeling fine. We've brushed our teeth and washed our faces, now we're smiling in our places, its fun time, Channel 30 fun time. We're smiling....why don't you?"

Re: "Lost Fresno" My Top 10 List - Add Your Memory

Postby MikeS1957 » Fri Feb 28, 2014 11:26 pm

Lost Fresno wrote:That large swimming pool on the Northwest corner of Clinton and Blackstone (where Albertsons is) was called Swimpark. It was the largest of all the Fresno swimming holes (it took up the whole block). It had a large square concrete platform in the middle and a fifty-foot high dive. It disappeared about 1960 to make way for a Ford dealership.

Reprinted with permission from Fresno Famous

I don't remember the pool there but I sure do remember Valley Ford. I had an uncle and a cousin work there in the parts dept. My folks bought a '68 station wagon there and that was what I learned to drive in. Several 1st in that wagon...
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Re: "Lost Fresno" My Top 10 List

Postby MikeS1957 » Sat Mar 01, 2014 12:47 am

Ohhh My so many memories here. I haven't lived in Fresno since 1998 and things had really changed by then and not for the best. Gangs of all colors, graffitti, vandalism, car theft you name it.

I visited in 2001 and things had changed around a bit. 41, 180 & 168 freeways were connected. 168 was laid out and talked about while I was going to Scandinavian Elementary in the 60s. It was a ditch when we left in 1998.

Visited again in 2006, more changes to the landscape. Again in 2012 & 13, found out that Blackstone dead ends, it's no longer 41 going to Yosemite, you now have to jog around and get on the freeway 41. Tall buildings no longer relagated to downtown either, this really blew my mind.

Things I miss;

Me n Ed's Pizza Cedar and Ashlan

Di Cicco's Cedar and Fountain Way. We started eating there when Nick 1st opened the small place in the strip mall itself, before they built the restaurant in the parking lot.(it's no longer there at all I found out,) :(

Any of the local do-nut shops. Just not the same out here.

Thrifty Drug Store Cedar and Shields, 5cent ice cream cones.

Cedar Lanes, many a game played there and many nice meals with the family.

McLane pool most every day of summer. Airways and Blakeley's for a treat, especially Blakeley's(SP).

Any part of the local Sierra's. Camp Fresno/Dinkey Creek, Mammoth pool for camping and fishing. Shaver for cool temps, water sking and Boy Scout camp. Pine flat for fishing and water sking. Huntington for cool weather, week long camping and fishing, always hated coming back to the Valley.

Not too far to Morro Bay but far enough from the In-Laws later on.

Fresh vine ripe produce, melons, citrus and grapes.
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Re: "Lost Fresno" My Top 10 List

Postby DLWiebe » Thu Mar 20, 2014 1:22 pm

Sunset Drive In (stuff the car with folks and stuff the trunk with folks. 3 movies for $3.50 a car.
All the movie theaters downtown (great matinee prices)
Coney Island Hot Dogs
The Farmer's Market (all kinds of food cheap)
The real Farmer's Market way out of town on Cherry Street
The Rainbow Ballroom (saw James Brown and a bit later Janis with Big Brother
The Tropicana on Blackstone had real jazz jams on Sunday afternoon
Sambos on Blackstone
IHOP on Blackstone (the Swiss Burger with bleu cheese)
The Inn of the Beginning in the Tower (early hippie wanna be hangout)
Tower Theater
Warners Cinerama as a Rock venue (Cold Blood, The Kinks, Mott The Hoople, etc.)
I could go on and on
The absolutely great old Japanese restaurant on the West Side (the best tempura, the best everything)
Lightning Records had every damn thing you could think of, and if they didn't have it they'd have it it a day.
The guy in the back could fix your stereo and/or give you the needle you needed to get back on track.
Van Morrison at the Saroyan Theatre (he was awful at the beginning, then most of the audience left, and he put on a great show).
Sam Schwan (Spelling is wrong. Best DJ in Fresno. Got fired for playing too much Frank Zappa)
Within driving distance: Pismo, Kings Canyon, Sequoia, Dinkey Creek, Carmel, Morro Bay, Yosemite.
It was great, once I got used to how flat it was.
Pick fruit right off the vine or the tree.

Re: "Lost Fresno" My Top 10 List

Postby jimnosophist » Wed May 21, 2014 8:41 am

Watching Auggie Garrido, Jim Maloney-Cincinnati Reds, Tom Seaver-NY Mets, Dick Ellsworth-Chicago Cubs, and Daryl Lamonica-Raiders compete as teenagers in Fresno

Darla Banks-Miss Teenage America 1963. her dad-Red Belt & his 4 Buckles had a TV show on Saturday"s. Dave Stogner

The Hideaway on Olive near the Outpost. Johnny Mathis played there in the 50's.

Rancho Drive-In, Dagleman's Poultry Farm-West Shaw near Santa Fe RR tracks, Leilani Restaurant, Basque Rest. at Old Santa Fe Hotel.

Torquers Car Club and dances.Members Jim Shepherd, Mike and AJ Waymon, Joe Lewis, Gary "Rat" Riddle, Rennie Normandin
Performer; Gino the Mashed Potato Boy.

MAG 7 Dances-Summer '63 Rainbow Ballroom. Bullard students: Rocky Morelli, Bob Mills, Mike Meadows, Tom McMichael, Dave Nelson, Bill Stone. and one other? CINDERMEN-Fred Perry, Bill Brandt, Jack Cashion, Sam Sinopoli. ROADRUNNERS; Randy, Bill Bixler et.al.. November 1963 concert with the RIGHTEOUS BROTHERS & DICK & DEE DEE.

KYNO-Drum-a-Thon 1963

Fig Garden Open-PGA Tour 1963. Ken Venturi, Mason Rudolf, Jay & Lionel Hebert, Don January, Bob Goalby, George Bayer et.al.

Re: "Lost Fresno" My Top 10 List

Postby bonnieonnormal22 » Thu May 29, 2014 11:51 am

Can ANYONE tell me where "The Real Pet McNeal" is? He was a dj on KYNO in the 60's.
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Re: "Lost Fresno" My Top 10 List

Postby flwbdw » Fri May 30, 2014 9:42 am

Pete went to KYA in San Fransisco and KHJ, then back to KYNO before leaving radio altogether in 1972.
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