Anyone Moved from Fresno and Wanted to Move Back?

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Re: Anyone Moved from Fresno and Wanted to Move Back?

Post by xhpssn » Sun Mar 06, 2016 10:53 am

i moved to fresno from the bay area (i grew up in the bay area my whole life) , then after 3 years i moved back to the bay area and worked and lived in santa clara for 2 years and then i moved back to fresno because it just made more sense , the bay area is too expensive and too much traffic , can't go anywhere ... so i made a wise decision and love , i'm in fresno and would not move any where else (excepet maybe sacramento ) , ... LA sucks , SF Bay area sucks ... only thing about living near the coast is the great weather , , fresno is hot , but if you can get through 60 days of heat , the rest of the 300 days are excellent weather.

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Re: Has anyone moved from Fresno?

Post by Jibbajaba » Sat Apr 30, 2016 5:13 pm

TomConnolly wrote:When I do go back to visit family, I go past all the old places and sad to see it's all changed, not for the better either. Cedar Lanes closed. Valley Children's Hospital closed. Blackstone is one big mess of used car lots, tattoo shops, massage parlors, fast food and check cashing places. Sometimes it's better to reminisce about the old days than learn that they're gone for good.
This pretty much sums up how I feel, as well. I moved from Fresno to the Sacramento area for school in 2001, and have never had more than a passing interest in going back. The weather is indeed nicer up here, but it's not really enough of a difference to be a deciding factor. It's just that Fresno as a whole always makes me feel like it's going downhill. I don't expect everything to still be the same as it was when I was growing up, but so much of the place has turned into somewhere that you just don't want to be. There's Tower, Fashion Fair, and Riverpark. Everything else seems to be a shittier version of its former self. I don't even go home to visit that often anymore, as my family prefers to come up here. It's a shame, because growing up I LOVED Fresno.

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Re: Anyone Moved from Fresno and Wanted to Move Back?

Post by Fresno2SoCal » Thu Jun 30, 2016 10:35 am

oldschool wrote:I have not made any postings in a while, but I always check in to see anything new. I was raised between Easton and Raisin City. My Grand Parents lived in Raisin City and later Caruthers. You guessed it, I lived out in nowhere land. My parents had a small farm. A big treat was to go into Fresno and deliver the produce. I remember when West Fresno was decent. They even had a cool GoCart shop on California Ave. There was a place near Church and Elm Ave that would make Eight Track Tapes for us. I never had a problem. I remember when Fulton was a street also. I have a lot of memories to list which I will put on the other topic.

My question is: Has anyone moved from Fresno? Away to another town, city, or to another state and never moved back? In 1973, my parents and I moved to Northern California around Truckee. It was a culture shock, let me tell you. My father missed farming. My mom loved it. I had a love hate deal as there was no employment except at lumber mills. And they started closing down. I always worked off and on in the Bay Area. Never liked the big city life. I would moved back when I was laid off only to not find work in these mountain towns. My parents have passed away since. In 1999 I got a stupid idea to move. I moved to Arizona. It is really a culture shock. And its a cesspool to say the least. The last time I have been back to Fresno was in 2006. It sure is not the way it was around 1973.

Everyone in Arizona is from three places: 1. Southern California, 2.The Midwest, 3.The East Coast. Some people from the Midwest and East Coast have never been to California, people in Tucson have never heard of Fresno either. Also many people will make smart remarks about Fresno. And some not to nice. Maybe I am stuck in time, but I miss Fresno very much. The Central Valley has much to offer. Oh yeah, when I was in Fresno in 2006 I purchased a bunch of shirts at Walgreen's that said "Fresno" on them and gave them out in Tucson. The guy at the store made a comment, "We have never sold that many shirts that say Fresno ever? Someday I hope to moved back! Anyone else move away?


Yes and no. I mean, I was born at Valley Medical Center in the early 1970s. Went to Rowell and Turner. Those neighborhoods have changed by the way, big time to alot more ghetto. Used to be all American. Anyway, moved to LA in the mid 80s. Now back in Fresno for about a year but, definitely moving back out to Palm Springs. Fresno is beautiful but the culture here is just too conservative, stale, old school (not in a good way), and very hick-ish. :( Too many bums, unemployed, and uneducated people to make it a happening place. So I'm out, again, later this year. Cool to be back I guess for now. lol


Re: Anyone Moved from Fresno and Wanted to Move Back?

Post by RoughRider1961 » Sun Jul 17, 2016 12:20 am

I left Fresno in 1969 for a much better job with a greater future in the S.F. Bay Area. The problem with Fresno is that it is an agricultural economy and the pay levels reflected that fact. There were so few jobs available and there was a line of people every morning applying for any job they could find, including mine.

I have some great memories of Fresno, but leaving the area was the right move for me. I love coming back to visit, but I have no desire to relocate back to Fresno.


Re: Anyone Moved from Fresno and Wanted to Move Back?

Post by Rodstone713 » Mon Jul 18, 2016 12:58 pm

I was born in Fresno on 1971, my whole family living all over various parts of town but nowhere is more iconic to my childhood memories than the West Side. My grandparents owned a tiny, 3-bedroom house on infamous Strother Avenue; I can still remember taking the old Thorne Ave. exit off the 99 to visit. All my summers and many more childhood memories surround that small house on the "bad" side of town; we were one of only a handful of Mexican (& Filipino) families on the street but we played, as kids, with everyone. Mello's Ice Cream was a standard during summertime. I remember my grandfather bringing home those big gallon tubs for us wild kids (usually, at least 3-4 of us at grandparents' house at any one time.) Later, I remember having to take summer school classes at Edison(-Computech) High School and freaking out friends when I told them I was walking to my grandparents' home afterwards. I NEVER feared being on the West Side; growing up there definitely helped to build my confidence and character; I earned my street credentials there.
I moved from Fresno shortly after graduating from Fresno State in 1995 to the San Diego area where I completed my teaching credential and was quickly hired to teach high school in north San Diego County (Carlsbad) but my mother and most of my family are still living in the Fresno/Madera area so I return to visit at least a couple of times a year. Fresno will always be "home" for me. As a teacher I always reflect on my childhood and formative years in the Valley. I often tell my students, mostly So.Cal. surfers, skaters and the occasional cholo (it's Carlsbad, after all) that none of them are "bad kids" because being from Fresno ..."y'all don't know what bad IS."
Despite the occasional bouts of nostalgia, I've never wanted to move back to Fresno. Nothing from my childhood memory remains and the town has grown and morphed into some new creature that I hardly recognize.
Best memories:
1) Mel-lo Ice Cream & West Side family bbqs
2) Dancing (trying to meet girls) at The Lighthouse teen club
4) Water slides at Blackbeard's & Clovis Lakes
5) Cruising Blackstone Avenue
6) The Tower District (& sneaking into shows at the Wild Blue)
7) Doing a reggae-night broadcast on KFSR (90.7) radio and a night club dj gig in the Tower back in early 90s
8) Having lunch with my dad at the Old Fresno Hofbrau
9) Christmas Tree Lane & Huntington Boulevard holiday decorations
10) Watching the Fresno Giants play ball at Beiden Field (and seeing Al Radka in the stands!)

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Re: Anyone Moved from Fresno and Wanted to Move Back?

Post by Scott Whitney » Mon Jan 16, 2017 5:03 pm

One of the things that makes Fresno what it is - It's constantly changing and morphing into something new. (much faster than most cities) Anyone who wants to go back had better realize the town of their memories no longer exists.
As for me......I'm happy where I'm at and would never consider moving back to Fresno (or California). In the 50s-60's it was a great place to move to. Somewhere between the 80s and 90s it became a great place to move from.

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Re: Anyone Moved from Fresno and Wanted to Move Back?

Post by BruceHancock » Tue Jan 17, 2017 10:28 am

A very interesting topic...and question! I lived in Fresno from about 1955 to 1965. I've always thought of it as my 'home town'. I attended Webster Elementary (1/2 of 4th grade), Morris E. Daiiy Elementary, 5th and 6th, Alexander Hamilton Jr. High, 7th,8th and 9th, and Fresno High, 10th, 11th and 12th. Then to Fresno City for two years. (Anyone remember Richard DeKonning and the architectural drafting 2 year certificate program?). I left for the service for four years in February 1965 and never returned.

One of the first things I did when I got out of the service was attempt to find a job in Fresno. It's where all of my friends still were, although almost all of my family had moved away. However, I found a job in Sacramento first...and that's where I've remained. I often think of Fresno, although I have rarely visited except to drive by the old house on Fedora Street near Thorne. And occasionally I still think of moving back, but in reality I know that I am thinking of a place that no longer exists. What I remember are long bike rides to the San Joaquin River to swim all day - usually skinnydipping - and never see another person. Today, the portion where we swam is a golf course and you can't even get down to the River. And I remember 'dragging the main' on Fulton in my '52 Chevy. It's been a mall forever. My first 'real' job was at JJ Newberry's as a stock boy the summer following my senior year (1961). I worked six days a week, 8 hours a day for $1.00 per hour. Bought my Chevy with the earnings. Ate my lunch everyday at the lunch counter in Newberrys. It's gone too...although I don't miss it much! I remember a town where a 12 year old kid could ride the bus alone to the downtown library and spend hours reading Ray Bradbury. Or take the bus to the movies on Fulton, and then go next door to Walt Eastman's Hobby shop and browse the tiny space for two hours. Those were another time that don't exist least not in Fresno or most anywhere else in California. My brother tells me that the little town he lives in in the middle of Kansas is stuck in 1956 and feels like Fresno when were kids...but even that is probably mostly wishful thinking.

Yes, I've wanted to move back....but back to Fresno in the 1950's. It was a GREAT place to be a kid. Long, long, hot summers that went on forever. We managed with a swamp cooler...or better yet, went out under the trees in the front yard and had a Double Cola after throwing the afternoon Bee paper route (247 and 218). But that's an old man reminiscing - that town and that time is gone.

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Re: Anyone Moved from Fresno and Wanted to Move Back?

Post by oldschool » Sun Jan 29, 2017 7:35 pm

Thank you to everyone who has made comments. I have to say that I agree, those good times were that. Everything changes sometimes not for the best. I talk every few months to a few of my cousins that are still living and they tell me how things are now. For me I am now in Arizona, and I
will be here for many more years. Seventeen years now.

Thank you for commenting. Feel free to keep this going if you like.


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Re: Anyone Moved from Fresno and Wanted to Move Back?

Post by Brett G » Mon Jan 30, 2017 12:53 am

I would not move back to Fresno because I know it would not be the same as with everything growing up. I left in 1980 to join the Navy and never went back but a few times. My parent shad moved from Lansing Way to Vancouver, Wa when I was in Washington State with the navy. They passed away there. My brother Scott stayed and worked for Pelco until 2013 when he passed. I'm the last one and other than some friends I would love to reconnect with, Fresno is now a memory. It was a great place to grow up and there are some relatives that live in Sanger still.


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