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Re: Music Stores (Sherman Clay, Gospel, M-V, Hocket Cowan)

Posted: Thu Jan 10, 2019 3:27 pm
by Scott-o-rama
In the mid-'60s I was a budding adolescent guitar player and hung around Sherman Clay in Manchester Center quite a bit. I'd buy strings and picks there -- and play their cool electric guitars & amps as much as Mel, the manager, would tolerate. Wish I'd had the money to buy up some of the used Gibson Les Pauls and Pre-CBS Fender Strats & Teles they had for sale cheap. They sold records there too, and I bought my copy of The Beatles Sgt. Pepper album the first day they got it in -- in early June, 1967. I took that album home and played the grooves off of it, learning the chords and riffs from every song within about a week!