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Re: My Top 10 List - Add Your Memory

Post by Elizabird » Thu Oct 28, 2021 9:20 pm

How about the Basque hotel down by the railroad station...long dinner tables with, in the winter, the stalwart sheep wranglers getting fed and warmed until it was lambing time. Super dinners family style, potato salad with tiny shrimp, flat bowls of soup with barley and carrot cubes and bits of lamb, steaks the size of your dinner plate...and eavesdropping on Basque chatter which was a code nobody could break. I felt like it was like visiting Oz with a gorgeous feast.


Re: My Top 10 List - Add Your Memory

Post by DBacker » Tue Dec 07, 2021 2:28 pm

1. John Euless Ballpark - Fresno Giants baseball
2. DiCicco's - downtown by Dickey Playground and on Fountain Way
3. Evangelical Community Church - where I met both the Lord and my wife
4. my grandma's house - Elm and California (no longer there)
5. bike riding all over town, from the west side to FSU area, to Sanger
6. professional so-called wrestling, at the Memorial Auditorium and at the channel 47 studio on Shaw Ave.
7. big name concerts (my first concert was Ray Charles at Memorial Auditorium, around 1966); Johnny Cash, Kris Kristofferson at Selland Arena
8. second hand stores and used book stores (twostory converted house just north of Dickey Playground was the best - I think it burned down a long time ago)
9. Fong's Chinese, Tulare and Maple
10. KYNO - the soundtrack of my teenage years

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