Forty Niner Show

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Re: Forty Niner Show

by Lost Fresno » Fri Jul 07, 2017 2:49 pm

Slim Andrews played the Fresno Big Barn as well! Banjo I presume.
Fresno Bee - Dec. 27, 1947 / Click to Enlarge

Re: Forty Niner Show

by johnnymorris1 » Mon Dec 14, 2015 9:21 pm

I stand corrected. Shaw and Cedar

Re: Forty Niner Show

by pstoffels » Sun Aug 03, 2014 9:14 pm

I was on the 49er show on my 4th birthday. I had long curls and I was probably asked a half dozen times where I got those curls. I sat in the first seat. I remember being disappointed that there was a green screen and not an actual show directly in front of us.

Re: Forty Niner Show

by Richard Annggllee » Mon May 12, 2014 12:31 pm

The Forty Niner and Jimmy Weldon were both great kid shows. I met them at their TV stations several times and in personal appearances in the community too. My favorite was the Forty Niner at Mendota's Cantelope festival in the Summer of 1958. We lived in Dos Palos and at the time they brought a truck load of cantelopes (iced down) to the park. My younger brother (Vern) and I ate most of a cantaloupe each and waited for a picture with "The Forty Niner".

He had a 10 gallon hat and buckboard (for pictures) and a small pekinese dog with a cowboy hat. I have the picture and my bother (probably 5 at the time) has a 'who are you looking at' stare. If I can post it, the picture is a classic! Slim Andrews was the sidekick to Tex Ritter in the movies too (was very tall and rode a donkey). My Great aunt and uncle owned the Dos Palos Movie theater back in the day a showed the old cowboy short movies on Saturdays. Richard and Vern

Re: Forty Niner Show

by flwbdw » Mon Jan 07, 2013 4:34 pm

Slim Andrews use to buy tires from my dad's tire shop on Kings Canyon Rd. next to Don Jorgenson's battery shop. I was in awe when he came in as I was in the presence of a TV star. I also remember saving a lot of potato chip bags to get on the Junior Auction. I'm thinking that was on the Webster Webfoot show but not sure. Never made it though. One of the big disappointments in my younger days.

Re: Forty Niner Show

by LEN » Wed Dec 12, 2012 6:19 pm

I was on the 49er Show, everyone got a free Pepsi, I knocked mine over...and cried.

Re: Forty Niner Show

by Rodney » Mon Nov 07, 2011 9:05 am

YESSS! And the pitchman for Jack's Used Cars in Selma was none other than Your Old Buddy Buddy Chester: "And if YEW don' have the hundred dollars to put down on this fine yoozed car, yer ol bud-dy bud-dy Chester is gonna lendjoo the money right outta his pocket!!!"

Re: Forty Niner Show

by Rodney » Wed Apr 20, 2011 9:14 pm

I well remember the Forty Niner. I never was on his show in the audience, but I won a Hamilton Beach milkshake maker from his show, for sending in the best public safety slogan for kids crossing a busy street. I'm sure it was my mom that thought of it, and I can't remember the slogan. But now, 50+ years later, I STILL have the mixer!!!!

Re: Forty Niner Show

by RAR » Thu Feb 24, 2011 10:42 pm

I was also on the 49er show and remember it well. KJEO Channel 47 was located on the south side of Shaw Avenue, just west of Cedar. Yes, the 49er did play the banjo. Does anyone remember the Jack's Used Car ads? They would drive the two-tone Bel Airs through the back lot, the announcer would describe the car, slap its fender and tell the driver to take it on outta here! Their tag line was Jack's Used Cars on Highway 99 in Selma. The things you remember from childhood!

Re: Forty Niner Show

by chuckdillon » Sun May 23, 2010 7:02 pm

Shaw and Clinton run the same way! Was it not near Shaw and Millbrook?