"Lost Fresno" My Top 10 List

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Re: "Lost Fresno" My Top 10 List

by GeeG » Sun Mar 04, 2018 10:04 am

1. Mello’s Ice Cream
2. Rainbow Ballroom
3. St Alfonso’s church
4. West Coast Relays
5. Fink-White Playground
6. Frank H Ball
7. Kearney Park
8. Edison High School
9. Sunday Afternoons at Roeding Park
10. 2-Way Fruit Stand
11. Kearny Drive In
12. Castillo’s Tower District
13. Mervyn’s
14. Junior Bootery Shoe Store
15. Laucks Bakery
16. College Pharmacy
18. Rontell’s Volvo
19. Jesse James Auto
20. Towkiwa Restaurant - China Town
21. P&R Liquor Store
22. Hale Medical Center
23. Graves’s Upholstry
24. Luau Restaurant
25. The Hacienda
26. J&C Records
27. Sun’s Barbecue
28. Triangle Restaurant

Re: "Lost Fresno" My Top 10 List

by Jesseejack » Sat Sep 23, 2017 10:17 pm

Angelos drive in
Playing on the tank in the park
Cutting class to go to manchester mall
Skating tower district
Blackstone cruise
Bond fires at the figs
Rollin out to lost lake late at night
Woodward park
Sneaking into the bmx track on belmont to try and jump the jumps
Awesome being a teen back in the 80s fosho!

Re: "Lost Fresno" My Top 10 List

by Fresno2SoCal » Thu Mar 30, 2017 9:17 pm

Fresno State games at Ratcliffe Stadium and Selland Arena.
WWF wrestling at Selland.
The Fresno Fair
Freeway 41 ending at Bullard
Cruising Blackstone to Millerton Lake on weekends

Re: "Lost Fresno" My Top 10 List

by mikeferrell » Sun Mar 26, 2017 1:58 pm

I've already commented (somewhere on this site!) about how incredibly cool was the Pit Stop Slot Car Racing Center, located in the Ashlan Park Shopping Center...best slot car tracks ever! And somebody mentioned the Clovis Rodeo Grounds, for super-modified ("hardtop") auto racing. Totally agreed...but don't forget Kearney Bowl...same racing cars...but on a high-banked, asphalt oval...the perfect complement to Clovis' 1/2 mile dirt track! And as long as we're talkin' racin', let's not forget the old Fresno Drag Strip, intersection of Manning and Hughes, Raisin City. Great stuff.

But let's really test our memories! Does anyone remember an incredibly cool quarter-midget racing track, located on McKinley Ave., not far from the CA Air Nat'l Guard complex (which , by the way, sure has grown over the years!) As a youngster (5-6 years old), I found this little racing track, with bleachers and lighting and a PA system...and kids driving these cool racing cars in real races. To a youngster such as myself, this was all just way too Kool!

Fresno was really a hot bed of racin' back then...a few bucks could sure purchase a lot of fun! Seems like yesterday...

Re: "Lost Fresno" My Top 10 List

by fig garden mike » Thu Feb 23, 2017 7:07 am

1. Arthur's Toys (I was left behind there on a shopping trip and didn't even notice I had been abandoned by my mom and siblings! I loved that place.)
2. Christmas Tree Lane (Van Ness Blvd.)
3. All of Fig Garden Village before it was a Long's Parking Lot (The Drug Store, Bob's Hobby, Food World, Gottschalk's, Farrell's [still one in LA if ya need a Volcano Sundae],Fig Garden Movie Theatre, even Fuddrucker's!
4. Woodward Park Fishing Derby that I loved but my dad only took me once.
5. Partying in the fig orchards out on Herndon.
6. Partying at Woodward Lakes development when it was still being built.
7. Buying Peach Cisco & Mickey's Big Mouth at "that liquor store on the west side" when we were in high school. I remember seeing a seven year old go in there to buy a fifth for, like, her dad or something. They sold to anyone god bless them!
8. Getting a room at Rep's Motel on Blackstone on the weekends so we could have a place to party when it was too cold for the figs or Woodward Lakes.
9. Doing bong hits and drinking boxed Franzia White Zinfandel out of the trunk of my car.
10. Dancing the night away at Knock Three Times underage club with all the mods and goths.

11. Bonus Memory: sitting at the bluffs after school with my friend Reyna rolling coco puffs and just hanging out talking about whatever.
12. Bonus, bonus memory: restaurant hopping in the Tower.
13. Bonus, bonus, bonus memory: The Old Elbow Room on Shaw during the holidays. The Christmas balls hanging from the ceiling were psychedelic! Which reminds me of...
14. B.C.'s Pizza! That place was truly great when it first opened.

Great Memories all of them. But my god how can anyone still live in that town‽ I go back to visit family and it's just such a, well, nothing really nice to say so I won't.

Re: "Lost Fresno" My Top 10 List

by sunlitekid » Wed Nov 16, 2016 2:48 pm

1. The Outpost for prime rib and lobster tail
2. Tower Records/Video and the Wherehouse on Blackstone and Barstow
3. All the old movie houses: Festival, Regency, UA 8 Barstow, Fig Garden
4. Sierra Comics (in an old strip mall behind the 7-11 across the street from Fresno State)
5. Woody’s Roadhouse for good and cheap BBQ
6. Penny Candy
7. Farmer’s Market on Tulare/Divisidero
8. The Daily Planet
9. KKDJ, Dean and Don Breakfast Club
10. Gourmet Pizza (by Mclane High School)
11. The Summer concerts at Ratcliffe Stadium
12. Old stereo shops like Sun Stereo, Pacific Stereo, Federated, Good Guys
13. Fuji’s Café for Won Ton Soup
14. Arthur’s Toys

Re: "Lost Fresno" My Top 10 List

by Spader » Fri Jul 15, 2016 5:07 am

Mayfair Market
Rudy's Drug Store
Smitty the ice cream man.
The bakery truck that would come by Sat. mornings. He would open the doors and slide out those trays of warm freshly baked doughnuts.
Long's Drugs
Munger's Pet Shop
Lauck's Bakery
Woolworth's ice cream sandwich.
Lightning Records. They would play the record
for you to make sure it was the right one.
The original Uncle Tom's Cabin liquor store for
the candy.

Re: Tripple JJJ, Pit Stop, Ashlan Barbershop, Harpain's Dairey, J

by Mswan » Sat May 21, 2016 9:08 am

I got my hair cut at your dads barber shop back in the 60's. Tony and I believe wife Dorthy were the owners. Great chairs and conversations. I remember seeing the razor straps on each chair to keep the straight razors sharp. Then I'd head to the Pit Stop. There was a ice cream store in that mall. Can't remember the name of the store but you could get hand packed ice cream.
Great memories!

Re: "Lost Fresno" My Top 10 List

by Mswan » Fri May 20, 2016 8:03 am

Here's some of my favorites from the 60's
- Continos Deli
- Carriage House on Fridays - all you could eat crab
- DiCicco's Italian Rest. - the best lasagna ever!
- Derwienershintzel - 10 cent Mustard dogs
- Me and Eds pizza
- Lesterburger
- milkshakes at Triple J Drug
- suicide sodas at the Pit Stop. That was all 5 flavors combined (Pepsi, Mt Dew, Root Beer, Orange and Teem)
- the New Rondivu.....best steaks and lobster
- the old Fresno Hoffbrau best pastrami sandwich and coldest beer
- Cedar Lanes Club Sandwich
There are many others but these were some of my favorites

Re: "Lost Fresno" My Top 10 List - Add Your Memory

by Mswan » Fri May 20, 2016 6:08 am

I grew up in Fresno from 1957 thru 1974. I went to Thomas elementary, Tioga JR High and Hoover HS. Some great memories growing up in Fresno.
- Bowling at Cedar Lanes
- Sears in Manchester Mall had the best Santa Claus
- racing cars at "the Pit Stop" slot car tracks
- coloring contest (during Presidents Day) Triple J Drugs
- Swimming at Blakey's
- Me and Eds Pizza and Lesterburger
- Friday nights at Kerney Bowl (Al Pombo and another rival) would put on a great show
- riding dirt bikes at Lost Lake
- getting my first slot car track at the S&H Green Stamp store
- going to the drive in movies - Starlite and Sunnyside great memories